Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Goat On The Golden Egg...

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in a little country town about an hour from here called Ommen. I wandered around the market

chatted with a few people ( everyone talks to you in Ommen ), had a coffee and sandwich ( hearty eaters in Ommen ) and  admired the murals in little side streets but didn't see a single tin soldier.

Having seen the poster for a new exhibition at the Nationaal Tinnen Figuren Museum,

I'd missed the bit on their website that said it was only open at weekends in March ; the museum opened full-time in April.
So I'll have to go back to admire the howdah ... and I will. Besides I must find out why there's a very long horse near the goat on a golden egg near the museum that wasn't open yesterday  .......

And a post-script ....

         Just in case you're looking for a companion ....our local paper has a weekly column highlighting one of the animals in the nearby refuge that needs rehousing. This week it's Ethan, a very little cockerel with an extremely loud voice.

"Not recommended if you've got neighbours, but he's friendly and would love to come and live with you if you've got some space and a couple of hens."  Wonder if anyone's adopted him yet ........ ?

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

All I Want Is A Strawberry

And I don't really even like strawberries . I mean, I eat them but vastly prefer raspberries or green apples, water melon or gooseberries; but at the moment I'd kill for anything that wasn't a brussel sprout ... even a purple one.

It's incipient scurvy, perhaps.

This whole winter thing has outstayed its welcome.
 It was C-10 the other day and, in fact, has only just crept above freezing, having decided that raining was more fun.
The only bright spot was the arrival of blood oranges in the market this week.  I know we're not supposed to eat things that come from far away, but they remind me of my granny who loved them too, and I know how short the season is...

This new promotion in the supermarket made me think of her, too

She definitely wouldn't have understood the Five A Day concept which these cards are promoting and would have found it very limiting. Her soups already contained carrots, leeks, parsley, onions, celery, and turnips before the lentils or barley were added.
But now it's been upgraded to Ten A Day, she would have been more impressed. And, the only person I've ever known to enjoy eating pomegranates, she would have wanted an extra Five for fruit. No child ever got away from her without a banana or apple in his hand. So anything that encouraged children to try new food, to make eating fun, would have appealed.  Meanwhile I'll collect them for Smaller Grandson who enjoys cooking and drawing in equal measure.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Sugar Shoulders

It's all Friend's fault ... as I perched precariously on a high stool with a microphone almost poked up my left nostril, she said  "Go, Beyonce !"  ... and off we went.

It's now Culture Capital 2018 for Leeuwarden and, as the poster of us all carrying the Frisian lily pad in the station reminds us, we're all supposed to do our bit. 

Well , Friend had translated the Historisch Center's guided tour app's voiceover script into flawless English and now I was going to be the 'voice'. Three students from the Friesland College's Sound Design faculty were to do the recording as part of their coursework. 

There were two scripts, one for children and another for adults ; a total of 29 pages.  Three hours had been allowed to record both the English and German voiceovers.

We started off in great style ... the children's one read easily, being zippier , with shorter sentences. It was helped by the fact that I've been reading to various children all my life, starting with an endless, increasing multitude of smaller cousins.

After that we had a break , while someone else recorded the German children's section . Then it was my turn again... the adult's bit.  By this time I'd read the script far too many times and I successfully mangled whole chunks of it but the students were endlessly patient and we kept on going. Until the penultimate paragraph describing what you can see in the Grocer's Shop and its displays ."Old fashioned sweets , like Syrup Soldiers and ullevelen ..."

And that's where it all went wrong....  At least ten attempts were made  and  every time I said Sugar Shoulders . On take eleven I finally managed syrup shoulders ... and after recording the last paragraph , we gave up. I hope the German lady zipped faultlessly through her final section and the apps will be downloadable before it's someone else's turn to be Culture Capital of Europe ... it's Coventry, I think, in 2019.  

Monday, 12 February 2018

I'd Better Buy A Yoga Mat ...

I was given a Netflix voucher by YD who thought it would be fun ... and unfortunately it is. The first weekend I watched all 30 episodes of Fargo and started to talk with a Montana accent.
Then it was Grimm , Ainsley Harriot eating street food and The Good Place.

 I'm becoming housebound. If it weren't for the fact that you have to place a minimum order of 50 Euros to get the supermarket to deliver your order , I might have stopped leaving the flat at all.

 I'm still going to Keep Fit but now the physiotherapist and I are exchanging recommendations ( we share an enjoyment of modern American detective fiction) and I fear it's only a matter of time for her , too.

To be on the safe side, I'd better buy a Yoga mat so that I can at least pretend to keep active at the same time.

This position might be good ... called Anantasana ( the Sanskrit for sofa holding , according to my Dutch handy handbook ) it looks achievable and not incompatable with bingeing through a few more series.

All suggestions wecome.

Friday, 26 January 2018

"Have you plugged it in ?"

Female solidarity ... I'm not sure the young woman on the cable company help desk is familiar with the concept. When I told her that my television kept on telling me that it had no signal she asked me if I had plugged the router in. Just how old does she think I am? I should have asked her why the television would tell me that it had no no signal but did still have pretty coloured lights, but I might not have understood the the answer . Anyway I'm obviously elderly and gaga . The young man on the help desk was much more flattering but I remember teaching him to count , which he's probably found useful . But of course it could be her ageism ... or my incompetence ...

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Putting OnThe Glitz....

I've been looking through the shops' Christmas folders ...

It's not enough any more to crawl out of bed , shove the Roast of your choice ( Turkey, Beef, Goose or Nut ) into the oven and collapse over some burnt toast, while admiring the contents of someone's stocking . No, one's supposed to dress up for the occasion special Christmas gear. And I don't just mean a Santa hat . You've all got to have the right onesie

 The children

The dog

And the husband

Whilst drinking an Apple, Banana, Mango, Avocado and Spinach smoothie
         ....I'm looking forward to it

Monday, 11 December 2017

Snow , Salt And Socks.

Yesterday it snowed everywhere . And , as a family , we don't really do snow .

In Leeuwarden , I sat cosily inside , eating baked apples and reading a murder story. In Amsterdam , YD resolutely walked round the block and rushed back up to her flat and Netflix . In London , Smitonius refilled both bird feeders.  In Leicester , Middle Daughter and family were mildly surprised to find they had two sleds and took them off to the park , after lunch.

Here the Town Hall dusted off the salt spreaders and they trundled round town with flashing golden lights all day , joining in the Christmas fun . Then the local news warned us that so much slushy,  salty snow could freeze solid overnight and might make early roads extremely dangerous .

And this morning , I opened an email from MD to find a photo of Elder Grandson's lower lip twice as large as usual with some decorative embroidery on it . Not a sledding accident ; no sooner than they'd got home than he'd fallen on the stairs , split his lip and ended the day in A&E . Outraged, later on the 'phone today to me, he explained , "I had SNOW on my sock".

Oh dear , perhaps he'll never be part of the bobsleigh team.